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National Early Years Collaboration

Project Overview

When children have what they need to develop well in the early years, it sets them up for good physical and mental health now and throughout their lives.

We’re defining the ‘early years’ as from the perinatal period to before children start formal schooling. Our babies and toddlers are without agency; the quietest Australians. Even before the specific challenges that 2020 has seen so far, too many of our youngest children and their families have not been given the chance to achieve the best possible outcomes. This collaboration is a group effort that aims to ensure that:

  • Children have every opportunity to live happy, healthy, safe, and productive lives as part of the Australian community and economy – the future resilience of both depends on it
  • Children’s wellbeing is everyone’s business
  • Strong families are key to child wellbeing
  • While the forces determining wellbeing are varied and range from genetics to social and economic factors, what does not change is the cost effectiveness of early intervention – preferably in the first thousand days – to improve a child’s life trajectory.

Not every family gets the support needed to achieve these goals.

  • We need to help every child, family, and community according to their needs to create a healthier, fairer Australia for all children
  • We need to work out how we can bring evidence to bear to remove the roadblocks that stand between babies and toddlers and the lives they deserve
  • We need to work out what further evidence is required to get better results, and how to get that evidence
  • We need to get politicians, policy makers, and the non-government sector to work as one to take the necessary action to help every child and family according to their needs.

We started on this work at the National Early Years Summit in March 2020 in Melbourne, and now the work continues.

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